Jimmy The Horse, Latin

mortuus est, heu! Jimmy equus quem suspirant equae.

summus erat sonipes, lumina saepe trahens

pulchrum caesariem ut quatit colla per longa fluentem .

procax erat semper, pectora sua sequens,

nec aliam quam Becky habebat umque magistram.

illum utinam aspicerem laeta per aequora euntem   

velociorem aquila leporem quae agit trepidantem.

Jimmy The Horse, English

Jimmy the Horse, alas! is dead, the heartthrob of the mares.

He was the prince of prancers, often attracting the eye

as he shook the  handsome mane that flowed over his long neck.

He was always headstrong, following his own heart,

and would only ever have Becky, no one else, as his rider.

If only I might see him galloping over the Elysian Fields

faster than an eagle in pursuit of a trembling hare!